Enterprise Auth for Less

Logins, MFA, passwordless, unlimited SSO, B2B access management, and so much more
Save your runway for your business and skip the next year of unnecessary dev.
Image of user management in UE AuthImage of sign in experience from UE Auth

B2B & B2C auth at any scale

Whether you're launching a new product or merging multiple acquired products, you're covered right out of the box

OIDC + Oauth2

Fully customize OpenID Connect (OIDC). We are also a full Oauth2.0 provider

Customer self-service

Allow your customers to provision their users and configure their SSO


Create fine-grained permissions, associate them to product-specific roles, and assign those to your users

Enterprise SSO

Leverage SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC), and Oauth2 for your SSO federation

User self-service

Allow your users to manage their own accounts, credentials, notifications, and more

Auth features

Improve your users' auth experience with social logins, passwordless magic links, biometric MFA, and WebAuthn
UE Auth supports .NetUE Auth supports IonicUE Auth supports ReactUE Auth supports JavascriptUE Auth supports Passport JSUE Auth supports Vue JSUE Auth support AWS GatewayUE Auth support AngularUE Auth supports PythonUE Auth supports AWS App SyncUE Auth supports WebflowUE Auth support iOSUE Auth supports JavaUE Auth supports Go LangUE Auth supports RailsUE Auth supports Next JSUE Auth supports Node JSUE Auth supports DjangoUE Auth supports Express JSUE Auth supports Android
Integrations & APIs

A low-code, developer-first experience

We've built an affordable auth solution with a rich user experience for developers, alongside simple integration management, well-documented APIs, and dozens of integration libraries.
Bells & Whistles

With the features your users expect

Your users immediately benefit from the best features in one steady plan and price that supports your stage of growth.
Image of common auth features UE Auth supports, including magic links, biometric MFA, enterprise SSO, social logins, and Web Authentication
Image of UE Auth support for permission-based access and permissions groups

Go beyond role-based access

Our patent pending approach to centralized permissions allows you to define and represent every possible action in your system as machine readable permissions your UIs and APIs can easily and automatically enforce.

Permission-based Access

Show or hide functionality based on your users' permissions while using simple middleware functions to easily manage API access on your server.

Group Permissions as Roles

Create custom groupings of Permissions as new roles, all defined quickly and easily, per Product, in our low-code portal, without a line of code.
Audit Logs

Take control of your product access with audit logging

Increase your security and demonstrate compliance by monitoring user notifications and history across products and logins in real-time.
See an audit history of your users and system components
Zero in on product logins to track revenue leaks
Set up webhooks to sync your systems
Stream your audit data in real time
Image of UE Auth support for audit logs
Image of code snippets and diagrams from UE Auth's Open Source project
Open Source

Your success is our most important priority.

For this reason, we have open-sourced UE Auth. Your need for flexibility and risk control is important to us, and we believe wholeheartedly that enterprise auth should be easy and accessible for all.
So if you'd rather DIY, come build an enterprise auth community with us. And if instead you need a killer, low-code experience to empower your team, with consultative support in technology and design, webhooks, reporting, and more, you can get started today.
Data Streaming

Did you know we do more than auth?

Whether you’re a startup bootstrapping your app to market, or you’re multi-product SMB crossing the enterprise chasm, at United Effects, we are ready to partner with you for the entire journey.
That's why, in addition to auth, we provide a powerful, low-code, real-time product data streaming and integration solution called UE Streams.
Image of various data streaming features that UE Streams provides

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

We needed B2B basics like MFA, customer SSO, and no-password login. UE Auth had what we needed, and even transitioned us quickly from AWS Cognito. They worked closely with us to make sure our users came first, saving us a lot of dev time at a significant savings over other providers.

Photo of Mark Viglione, Founder and CEO of Enigma Networkz
Mark Viglione
Founder & CEO, Enigma Networkz

As an early adopter, we have been using the United Effects UE Auth solution to secure our complex B2B technology for years. The team at UE has not only helped us with auth, but also provided valuable design and technology support. They've made building and scaling our B2B business easier.

Photo of James Latta, Founder and President of JML International
James Latta
Founder & President, JML International
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