Custom Login Screens and User Management

A clean login experience across all products with a portal to manage every user

Enable common identity across all your products with a clean, customizable login experience. Enable your customer success teams to manage user access, activation, and more in one portal.
Image of common auth features UE Auth supports, including magic links, biometric MFA, enterprise SSO, social logins, and Web Authentication

User Management

Verify, block, or lock accounts, reset passwords, assign them to your customers, request access to their profiles, and more, all from one experience.

Social Logins & WebAuthN

Configure social logins or custom federation that you can apply to products globally for your platform. WebAuthN options coming soon.

Email Magic Links

Passwords are a pain point for most users. Give them a better option by enabling email magic links for all your login screens.

Custom Domains

Ensure that your own experience of UE Auth can be accessed by your customers with URLs that reflect your company. Make it your platform.
Organizations & Enterprise SSO

Manage your customers and ensure they have the tools they need

Define Organizations to represent your customers or internal departments and create a multi-tenant model to group your users and product access.
An image that illustrates SSO setup in UE Auth

Customer-licensed Products

Product access starts with product purchase. Track which customers licensed which products and map your user access accordingly.

OIDC, OAuth2, & SAML

Reduce the complexity of authorization for your customers with a simple experience that will allow your products to authenticate through your customers’ internal identity and access.

Seamless Federation

UE Auth can act as a seamless passthrough to other login providers while capturing user data so you can utilize our features and maximize existing investments.

Employee Data Management

Empower your customers to manage data about their people while simultaneously empowering your users to manage who can see their PII through request approvals.
Product Access

Manage your login options, roles, and permissions per product

Define product to map roles (RBAC), fine-grained permissions (FGA), customer licensing, login federation options, API security, and more, all in one place.
Image of UE Auth support for permission-based access and permissions groups

Product Management

Map your security needs like custom login configurations or API access to your business product definitions in one place.


Define fine-grained permissions that map to your product and describe every action possible (FGA) and organize those permissions by roles (RBAC).

User & Product Access by Customer

Onboard customers to your products by defining a customer admin, user product access per customer, and user product roles/permissions per customer.
Self-Service Screens

The experience you need, ready to go from day one

The UE Auth portal is adaptive to the permissions of users and safe to expose to your customers. Save months of development time by using the screens we’ve already built.
An image of account management in UE Auth

Account Management

Every user has an account dashboard that they can use to manage credentials, notifications, organizations and more. Just link them to your UE Auth portal.

Customer SSO Configuration

You customers can define their own SAML, OAuth2, or OIDC enterprise SSO federation without your help and at no additional cost to you.

Customer User Provisioning

Empower your customers to add their own users and manage their user data securely without your help.

Customer-licensed Product Access

Your customers can update user access to products that their users are using through domains, roles, and associated fine-grained permissions, all on their own.
Biometric Security & Audit

Mobile-based biometric security features to keep your users safe

Enable biometric challenges for MFA and personal data access requests, browse system audit reports for product logins and more, and automate integrations with webhooks.
An image of biometric security and role-based access in UE Auth

Biometric MFA

In partnership with our biometric transaction challenge partner, UE Auth ensures that your users are always in control of their accounts. Feature requires download of the Auth App.

Secured Profiles

Secured profiles are personal data that a user may choose to store in UE Auth which no one can ever see without that user’s explicit approval.

System Audit Reports

Every action, update, or transaction is tracked and available for audit. See which users are logging into which products, track revenue leaks, or just audit changes to your data.

System Event Webhooks

Integrating a new auth provider can be hard. UE Auth makes it easy by allowing webhook integrations that sync our records with yours or by triggering actions in your network.
API Security & Integrations

Security does not stop at login, you must secure your technology access

Create machine-to-machine (M2M) API access credentials mapped back to your products to ensure your entire infrastructure is secure.
An illustration of API security with UE Auth

Customizable OpenID Connect

Configure credential access for your microservices, PKCE code authorization for your SPAs and mobile apps, implicit grants for your web solutions, device flows for IoT, and more.

M2M OAuth2 Security

Automate client credential token requests without fear of unreasonable upcharges. Secure your cross-network http communications.

Fine-grained Access for Clients

UE Auth has a robust fine-grained permissions and roles systems for users, but did you know you can use it to secure M2M access too.

Custom Authorizer for AWS

Easily integrate your AWS stack through our UE Auth Custom Authorizer built for AWS API Gateway.